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istock 481109419 Your eyes are important. They help you see the world around you. When problems arise, such as changes to your vision or concerning symptoms, it is time to connect with an ophthalmologist at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC for an evaluation. This is especially true if you suspect a condition known as retinal detachment. 

What is retinal detachment? 

Our doctors describe retinal detachment as a condition that causes the retina to pull away from its normal position in the eyeball. This is a condition that is painless, but the symptoms can let patients know that they need to see a professional. It is an emergency situation that needs to be evaluated by an eye doctor as soon as possible. 

What are the symptoms of retinal detachment? 

Some of the more common symptoms seen in patients who are experiencing retinal detachment include: 

  • A shadow over the field of vision
  • Reduced peripheral (side) vision
  • Unexplained and sudden blurry vision
  • Flashes of light in the affected eye
  • Sudden onset of increased floaters (specks in vision)

If any of these symptoms occur, it is wise to schedule an evaluation with a medical professional to ensure retinal tears or detachment are not occurring. 

Who is at risk of developing retinal detachment? 

Retinal detachment can happen to anyone at any time, but it is more commonly seen in patients over the age of 40. It affects more men than women, and is more common in patients who are white. Certain risk factors may include: 

  • Previous cataract surgery
  • Family history of retinal detachment
  • Previous retinal detachment in the other eye
  • Extreme nearsightedness
  • Retinal tears/breaks
  • Those with eye injuries
  • Other eye disease or disorders

What are the treatment options for retinal detachment? 

During an evaluation with our team, patients who have the condition may need to undergo surgical interventions to address the problem. It is a condition that will not go away on its own and needs immediate attention to avoid permanent damage to the eye and one’s vision. 

Do you suspect retinal detachment? 

The providers at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC work with patients to help them when retinal detachment occurs. We welcome new and established patients into our ophthalmology office for an evaluation and to discuss treatment options. Call (781) 245-5200 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation at one of our three office locations in the communities of Waltham, Wakefield, and Winchester, MA.

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