What to expect after cataract surgery

copy of istock 186686872 At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC of Winchester, Waltham, and Wakefield, MA, we see patients regularly who suffer from cataracts and are seeking relief to improve their vision and address the unwanted clouding in their line of vision. This condition can significantly reduce visual acuity and cause problems with daily activities such as night driving and reading. Patients with cataracts may also experience increased sensitivity to light. When these issues begin to pose a problem for a patient’s everyday life, cataract surgery may be recommended. The procedure removes the cataract while also correcting a patient’s vision so they can see clearly without eyeglasses. 

What should I expect after cataract surgery? 

Prior to your procedure, your ophthalmologist will educate you on what happens during the surgical procedure. Patients will often need to take some time off of work and other activities to allow their eyes to heal after the surgery. Patients might also wonder how long it will take to see the results of their surgical procedure. Below are just a few things our doctors will talk to patients about regarding the healing and recovery following cataract surgery at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC: 

Immediately after the surgery, some patients will already notice how clear their vision is after living with cataracts. However, patients might still experience temporary side effects that may impact their vision, such as wavy vision that can be distracting. This is due to the eye adjusting to the new artificial lens that was placed during the procedure. For the first few days following cataract surgery, eyesight can be blurry or hazy, and sensitivity to light may increase. After approximately two weeks, most of the patient’s vision will be clear and sharp, though the full restoration of vision can happen after a month or two. 

Are you considering cataract surgery? 

At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC, we assist patients in the communities of Winchester, Waltham, and Wakefield, MA in achieving proper vision, even when faced with issues such as cataracts. Our doctors are here to help, and patients can call the main line at (781) 245-5200 to request an appointment at any one of our three convenient locations in the community.

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