How can blepharoplasty help me?

iStock 519332846 You know you can depend on North Suburban Eye Associates for excellent care when it comes to your vision – but did you also know that they provide cosmetic procedures as well? One of these, blepharoplasty, serves not just a cosmetic purpose, though. Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery, and it can not only make you look younger, but it can improve your vision. 

What happens during a blepharoplasty procedure?

As we age, excess fat accumulates around the eyes. This can be made worse because of genetics, medical conditions, and years of exposure to sun and wind. Blepharoplasty is done on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both. The procedure typically takes less than 2 hours and can be performed as an outpatient procedure. Medication is injected to numb the area, excess skin, fat, and muscle are removed, and the underlying muscles are tightened. 

Once the loose, sagging skin around the eyes is removed, the eyes will look less puffy, bags will be less noticeable, and wrinkles will be diminished. If you were having vision problems because of droopy eyelids, this will improve, too. 

What happens after the procedure?

Immediately after the procedure, there will be swelling and bruising around the eyes, which ice packs can help. If there is any pain, an over-the-counter medication will help. Sleeping with your head elevated higher than your chest for a few nights is also recommended. 

You should expect to miss a few days of work, and you should avoid strenuous activity for at least a week. You should avoid smoking and people who smoke, and you should avoid rubbing your eyes. You won’t be able to wear contact lenses for about 2 weeks, and you should make sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and the wind. 

Puffy eyelids can make you look tired all the time and older than your years. They can also be a hazard, as they can interfere with your vision. No matter the reason why you are considering blepharoplasty, North Suburban Eye Associates in Massachusetts can help! Call (781) 245-5200 for a consultation today!

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