The signs and symptoms of retinal detachment

istock 1224956842 Do you experience flashes of light in one or both eyes? Do you notice an increase in the number of “floaters” present in your field of vision? Are you finding that your eyesight is changing in a way you don’t quite understand, including gradual vision loss? If you are dealing with the symptoms above, you may be diagnosed with a condition known as retinal detachment.

What is retinal detachment?

The doctors at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC describe retinal detachment as the pulling or lifting of the retina from its position within the eye. The retina itself is a layer of tissue that lines the inside of the eye. It sends messages to the brain through the optic nerve, and is light-sensitive. If it begin to pull or lift from the eye, it can become a serious problem. In fact, if the condition is not caught in the earlier stages and is not properly treated, it can result in permanent vision loss.

Who is at risk of experiencing retinal detachment?

Retinal detachment can impact anyone at any age, but it is more likely to occur in individuals who:

  • Have a family medical history of retinal detachment
  • Have had an injury/trauma to the eye
  • Have had surgery for cataracts
  • Have other eye diseases including uveitis, lattice degeneration, or degenerative myopia
  • Have experienced retinal detachment in the opposite eye
  • Have extreme nearsightedness

What treatment options are available for patients with retinal detachment?

The treatment for retinal detachment is often a surgical procedure to help repair the area. The best outcome occurs when patients catch retinal detachment prior to the detachment of the macula. At this point, the damage could be done, and surgical treatment may not be as effective in protecting one’s vision. This is why early detection and treatment is highly recommended to avoid the later stages of retinal detachment.

Do you suspect retinal detachment?

Getting a proper diagnosis and seeking treatment as soon as possible is vital for patients who are experiencing the early stages of retinal detachment. If you believe you are dealing with retinal detachment, contact North Suburban Eye Associates, PC today to book an appointment at one of our three convenient offices throughout the Waltham, Wakefield, and Winchester, MA areas. Our doctors are here to help, and encourage new and established patients to call the office at (781) 245-5200 to request an appointment.

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