Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK Treatment?

If you have been spending your life wearing contacts or eyeglasses, you may have experienced several things about wearing corrective eyeglasses or contacts that can become frustrating. You may find that your glasses are constantly smudged, or your contacts are irritating your eyes all day long. Maybe you want better vision without intrusive eyewear. When patients begin to consider their options for vision correction, they are often intrigued to learn more about LASIK surgery as a way of correcting their vision permanently without contacts and eyeglasses. But before patients can move forward with LASIK treatment, they need to speak to a professional about their candidacy.

Who is a candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

  • Patients with healthy eyes. Overall, your eyes should be in good general health to undergo LASIK treatment. This means that patients should not have an infection, severe dry eyes, or chronic eye issues that may impact their ability to achieve desirable results from LASIK treatments.
  • Patients with prescriptions within certain parameters. Our doctors can determine if your vision correction is too severe to be effective addressed with LASIK.
  • Patients should be of a proper age. Most LASIK patients are in their 20’s and 30’s, though patients should be at least 18 years of age to undergo treatment.
  • Patients with stabilized prescriptions. If your vision correction prescription has been the same or stable over the course of several years, you may be a desirable candidate for LASIK surgery.
  • Patients in good overall health. Not only should your eyes be healthy, but so should your body. Patients who have any condition that may impact their ability to heal properly will want to advise their doctor of their health.
  • Patients who have researched the procedure and are prepared to undergo LASIK treatments. We want all of our patients to be well-educated on the treatment they are considering so there are no surprises! Our team will educate patients on LASIK so they can fully understand the procedure and the results achieved.

Speak to our team today about LASIK treatment

The team of professionals at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC provide patients in the areas of Winchester, Waltham, and Wakefield, MA with solutions for improving the eyesight outside of traditional methods such as eyeglasses and contacts. If you live in the community and are considering LASIK surgery, we invite you to call (781) 245-5200 today to schedule a consultation visit with one of our ophthalmologists.

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