How to Address Chronic Dry Eye

Dry eye. It is a condition that may occur occasionally that can cause the eyes to dry up and become red and irritated. Most patients with recurring bouts of dry eye may find relief with over-the-counter eye drops. However, what is the condition happens all the time? Patients with chronic dry eye syndrome, or DES, often visit with an ophthalmologist to determine the best treatment for their condition to help them find lasting relief.

What causes dry eye syndrome?

Eye doctors who visit with their patients may hear of an individual concerned about the dryness of their eyes. Irritated, dry, and red eyes can be due to a wide range of problems. Some professionals believe that drying eyes is just a part of the aging process for some individuals, while others may point to environmental factors that are contributing to the severity of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome may also be caused by reduced tear production and the quality of the tears.

Why are tears important?

The natural tears provide a range of essential tasks. Tears can protect the eyes and deliver nutrients to the surface of the eye. They also keep the eye clean and lubricated. In fact, contact lenses are not placed on the eyeball. Instead, they float above the top of the natural tear film. It is essential that patients maintain quality and quantity when it comes to tears. With dry eye syndrome, patients will need to find a treatment that maintains hydration to the eyes to keep patients comfortable. Patients may also want to take into account their environment. Patients who regularly wear contact lenses or stare at computer screens may be at a higher risk of developing dry eye conditions.

What are the treatment options for chronic dry eye?

First, an ophthalmologist will want to evaluate the severity of dry eye and determine a cause. Punctal plus or eye drops are often the first line of treatment for patients who have mild to moderate dry eye. Patients may also require specialized prescription eye drops such as Restatis Ophthalmic Emulsion to increase natural tear production and reduce inflammation and redness.

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