Five Common Tests Used During a Routine Eye Examination

Taking care of your health and wellness includes routine eye examinations. Eye examinations are important to ensure that your vision is functioning at its best. It is also a way to easily diagnose common vision concerns and provide treatment. Patients are encouraged to have routine eye examinations performed to evaluate their vision.

What to expect

Many different diagnostic tests are done during an eye examination. Your age and your current vision may impact the diagnostic tests completed at Northern Suburban Eye Associates, P.C. An elderly patient with glaucoma or cataracts may undergo different tests and evaluations during their visit than a child with 20/20 vision and healthy eyes. Below are just a few of the tests that may be administered during a patient’s visit to our practice:

  • Visual acuity tests – at every appointment, patients will undergo a visual acuity test. This checks to see how sharp and accurate your current vision is. Visual acuity is tested with a projected eye charge to determine distance and a hand-held chart to measure near vision.
  • Color blindness tests – these are tests to rule out color blindness in both children and adults. It can also help in detecting hereditary color vision deficiencies that may impact one’s color vision.
  • Cover tests – during the visual acuity testing, patients may need to cover each eye separately to determine if both eyes are functioning at their best. If there is difficulty in focusing with one eye, there may be a concern such as strabismus or amblyopia (also known as “lazy eye.”)
  • Ocular motility tests – the doctor may have you follow an object in his or her hands to check for smooth eye movements. It also evaluates if you have the ability to accurately fixate on one or more targets.
  • Refraction tests – refraction tests utilizes a phoropter that is placed in front of your face and eyes and shows a series of lenses while reading an eye chart. This device is best used in determining the best eyeglass prescription for improving your vision.

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