What Are the Top 6 Reasons Patients Choose to Undergo Lasik Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a popular laser surgery considered by many patients who visit Northern Suburban Eye Associates. When traditional methods of vision correction are no longer serving a patient, permanent treatment options may be considered. The ophthalmologists speak to patients regularly who are debating having this procedure performed, and these are the six most common reasons why they choose to move forward with treatment:

  • Sports or exercise activities – when patients are in the middle of performing the downward dog in yoga or running with a track team, the last thing they want to worry about is pushing up their glasses. Those with contacts may experience irritation due to the outdoor elements. Many patients who are active in sports and other activities turn to laser eye surgery as a solution.
  • Swimming – whether a patient spends time in the water at the beach, lake, or local swimming pool, chlorine and other elements in the water can cause irritation and increase one’s risk for eye infections. Swimmers, surfers, and other patients involved in water sports may opt for LASIK treatment.
  • Problems with contact lenses – while contact lenses can be a wonderful alternative to traditional eyeglasses, some patients find that they become more intolerant to contact lenses over time, dealing with stinging or redness. BY undergoing LASIK eye surgery, patients can eliminate both eyeglasses and contacts for good!
  • Cost – when patients determine the cost of replacing eyeglasses or ordering contacts over the course of several decades, they will find that LASIK surgery will essentially pay for itself in no time at all!
  • Career aspirations – some professions and careers may be difficult to perform with glasses or contacts, such as those in professional sports or construction jobs. By undergoing laser eye surgery, these inconveniences are eliminated and patients can perform better in their desired careers.
  • Overall appearance – many patients simply don’t care for the way they look in eyeglasses. Instead of turning to contacts, these patients may be great candidates for LASIK surgery.

Are you ready to take the plunge and improve your vision with LASIK?

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