Common vision disorders seen by our team at North Suburban Eye Associates

istock 1191861537 1 The staff at North Suburban Eye Associates understand that from time to time, patients may experience vision concerns such as blurred vision or dry eyes. When these problems occur, our skilled ophthalmologists can determine the cause of the vision concern and provide the best treatment option to resolve it. For most individuals, these routine issues are not severe and may coincide with conditions such as seasonal allergies. In situations such as this, patients will find that over-the-counter eye drops can provide relief until their allergies are under control. 

However, there are times that patients struggle with more serious eye problems. When patients in the Winchester, Waltham, and Wakefield, MA area are dealing with continuous issues, it may be time to schedule a vision evaluation with our team. This can help determine the cause of the problem and find the best solution based on the patient’s unique needs. 

What are some of the more common vision disorders? 

  • Myopia (nearsightedness) – myopia is a condition that can cause patients to experience difficulty seeing things clearly from at a distance. This is due to the cornea being longer than normal, resulting in the light passing through the cornea to create blurry far-away images.
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness) – on the reverse side are patients with hyperopia, which is caused by a shorter cornea, and can cause patients to have difficulty seeing things close-up.
  • Astigmatism – an uneven incline of the cornea can diffuse light as it enters the eye, and patients may have overall vision that is shadowed or blurry. They may also notice increased glaring of lights at night.
  • Presbyopia – when the eye’s lens begins to lose focus, patients may be diagnosed with a condition known as presbyopia. This condition often occurs around the age of 45 or older, and can impact overall vision quality.

Many vision disorders can be treated with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, while others may require surgical intervention if they become severe. 

Are you concerned about a vision disorder? 

Contact the team at North Suburban Eye Associates in the areas of Waltham, Winchester, and Wakefield, MA for a full evaluation. The primary number is (781) 245-5200 and new patients are accepted.

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