Questions about retinal detachment

Your eyes are important. They help you see the world around you. When problems arise, such as changes to your vision or concerning symptoms, it is time to connect with an ophthalmologist at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC for an evaluation. This is especially true if you suspect a condition known as retinal detachment.  What […]

What to expect after cataract surgery

At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC of Winchester, Waltham, and Wakefield, MA, we see patients regularly who suffer from cataracts and are seeking relief to improve their vision and address the unwanted clouding in their line of vision. This condition can significantly reduce visual acuity and cause problems with daily activities such as night driving […]

Common vision disorders seen by our team at North Suburban Eye Associates

The staff at North Suburban Eye Associates understand that from time to time, patients may experience vision concerns such as blurred vision or dry eyes. When these problems occur, our skilled ophthalmologists can determine the cause of the vision concern and provide the best treatment option to resolve it. For most individuals, these routine issues […]

What is the link between diabetes and vision health?

Diabetes is a common condition that affects millions of Americans. Not only does it affect one’s blood sugar levels, but it can also play a role in the development of other conditions elsewhere in the body. Diabetes is known to damage blood vessels and nerves throughout the body, especially if the condition is not managed […]

The signs and symptoms of retinal detachment

Do you experience flashes of light in one or both eyes? Do you notice an increase in the number of “floaters” present in your field of vision? Are you finding that your eyesight is changing in a way you don’t quite understand, including gradual vision loss? If you are dealing with the symptoms above, you […]

Understanding macular degeneration

There are many conditions that can affect the health of one’s eyes, including that of macular degeneration. The doctors at North Suburban Eye Associates describes macular degeneration as a condition that destroys one’s central vision over time, with gradual changes in one’s ability to see clearly. In most instances, macular degeneration is age-related, and impacts […]

What is retinal detachment and who is at risk?

There are many conditions that can develop in the eyes that can not only be problematic for patients, but may have a severe impact on their eye health and vision. One condition that needs to be properly evaluated as soon as symptom appear includes retinal detachment. Understanding retinal detachment The doctors at North Suburban Eye […]

Understanding macular degeneration

Your vision helps you each and every day to perform tasks that we often take for granted, such as reading, watching television, and driving. So what happens when it becomes impossible to perform these tasks due to vision loss? One of the more common conditions that can occur to aging patients is that of AMD, […]

Four common vision disorders seen at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC

Patients in the area of Massachusetts who are interested in learning more about common vision disorders are encouraged to take the time to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of each. At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC, we work routinely with patients who are dealing with certain conditions that impact their vision and vision […]

Conditions that can impact the retina

The retina is part of the eye that is positioned near the back. This thin layer of tissue is light-sensitive. When light hits the retina through the cornea and lens of the eye, the photoreceptor cells receive impulses sent to the optic nerve and to the brain. The retina is incredibly important for eyesight as […]

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