Tips for Contact Care

Once you get used to your new contacts, you probably won’t even think much about them or even notice you are wearing them. But there are some things you should know about your contacts and taking care of them, so that they can last a long time and continue to give you the sharp, clear […]

What is lazy eye?

A “lazy eye” in your son or daughter can be tricky to spot, but it is definitely something that you and your family eye doctor want to watch out for. A lazy eye (also known as “amblyopia”), if left untreated, can result in long-term problems. How do I know if my child has a lazy eye? Amblyopia […]

5+ Things You May Not Know About Botox

You’ve probably heard about Botox – you most likely know someone who has had Botox injections – and you may have considered having the procedure yourself. Did you know that North Suburban Eye Associates provides Botox and other cosmetic procedures? In case you are curious, here are some things you should know about Botox! What you […]

What is a macular hole?

The term “macular hole” is a frightening one – but it is a condition that can be treated very successfully. The important thing is to see your doctor right away if you notice a change in your vision. Here are some things you need to know about macular holes and how they are treated. What are the […]

Floater Facts

Occasionally you may notice one of those little “floaters” drifting across your field of vision – a squiggly line or fuzzy shape that appears out of nowhere, floats around a bit, and then just suddenly disappears. Everyone gets them and most of the time they are harmless – but have you ever wondered what floaters […]

When is it time for your child’s first visit to the eye doctor?

When you’re a parent, you’ve got a lot of things on your mind. Scheduling your child’s appointments with the pediatrician for checkups and vaccinations is probably one of them – but what about their eyes? When should you first take them for an eye exam? Read on for some more information about taking your child […]

Why are my eyes always dry?

Does it seem like your eyes are dry all the time? It is annoying, and uncomfortable – but is it something you should be concerned about? And when should you see a doctor about it? Read on for some information about dry eyes and what you can do about them!  What causes dry eyes? Many […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Contacts

Whether you have worn contacts for years or you just started wearing them recently, you may be tired of the evening routine of taking them out before bed, only to have to reinsert them in the morning. What could the harm be in simply leaving them in all night?  Should you take your contacts out […]

7 LASIK Facts You Should Know

Millions of people have had LASIK and are thrilled that they can now see without the hassle of putting in contacts or wearing glasses. Have you been wondering if LASIK is right for you? Here are 7 things you should know about this amazing procedure.  It uses state-of-the-art technology. It used to be that corrective […]

How can blepharoplasty help me?

You know you can depend on North Suburban Eye Associates for excellent care when it comes to your vision – but did you also know that they provide cosmetic procedures as well? One of these, blepharoplasty, serves not just a cosmetic purpose, though. Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery, and it can not only make you look […]

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