Pediatric Ophthalmology

At North Suburban Eye Associates Dr. Kim McNulty specializes in children’s ophthalmology and treating pediatric eye disease for Greater Boston. Dr. McNulty has been pediatric trained and is comfortable dealing with pediatric eye problems. We are sensitive to the differences between an adult exam and that for a child. We care for newborns, toddlers and teens. Dr. McNulty has been treating kids with eye disease since 1985.

She treats common newborn problems, such a blocked nasal lacrimal ducts, which cause chronic tearing. She also specialize in treating amblyopia or lazy eye. We strongly recommend that all children with a family history of lazy eye have a complete eye exam before age 3 since this problem commonly runs in families. While early treatment leads to better long term results, it is often difficult to treat this problem after age eight. “Crossed eyes” or strabismus is another common problem treated at North Suburban Eye.

Our optical shop in Beverly offers a wide range of pediatric glasses for our patients. We also offer contact lens fittings for our teenage patients.

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