Treatment for retinal detachment

Retinal Detachment Patients who notice an increase in floaters in their vision, as well as shadowing or flashes of light, you may need immediate attention with an ophthalmologist to determine if you are experiencing retinal detachment. This condition needs to be addressed immediately in order to reduce the chance of permanent vision loss. At North Suburban Eye Associates, P.C., we encourage patients to call us when they are concerned of retinal detachment.

What happens during retinal detachment?

Retinal detachment is a specific problem that can occur with one’s eyes. It causes symptoms when the retina is pulling away from the natural position near the back of the eyeball. The detachment can result in permanent loss of vision, which is why diagnosis and treatment as soon as symptoms occur is essential.

What treatment options are available for retinal detachment?

During an evaluation, an ophthalmologist will determine how severe the retinal detachment is. There are a few different ways to treat the condition. Less invasive solutions, such as cryopexy (freezing) can be used to seal tears and breaks in the retina. Another option is the use of laser therapy to achieve similar results. These are best used on patients who have mild or early retinal detachment. However, if the doctor has determined that a larger part of the retina has detached, surgical intervention may be required. This treatment is performed at a hospital and can save the eye from permanent damage.

Who is at risk of retinal detachment?

There is no way to know if retinal detachment will occur to you or a loved one. This is because this condition can happen to anyone at any time. Patients who may be at higher risk of developing the condition are those who have had eye surgeries, trauma to the eye, or who have a family member that has experienced the same condition. The only way patients can reduce their risk of developing retinal detachment is to visit their doctor for regular examinations and to use protective eyewear during sports or hobbies where damage to the eyes can occur.

Are you experiencing the symptoms of retinal detachment?

If so, connect with North Suburban Eye Associates, P.C. today to discuss your treatment options. We have three convenient locations throughout Wakefield, Waltham, and Winchester, MA and welcome new patients. Schedule an appointment by calling our main line at (781) 245-5200.

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