Macular degeneration 101

At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC, we offer patients services with our highly trained and experienced ophthalmologists. Our practice is equipped to ensure patients can obtain quality vision care, including the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions that can impact one’s eyes. A concerning condition that is commonly seen in aging patients is that of macular degeneration.

What is macular degeneration?

Our practice describes macular degeneration as a condition that causes the deterioration of the macula. The macular is the center portion of the retina that is responsible for providing us with a centralized vision. This condition, sometimes referred to as AMD (age-related macular degeneration), can become extremely advanced and impact everyday activities including driving a car and reading a book.

What are the symptoms of macular degeneration?

Most patients will notice signs of macular degeneration, including:

• Distorted vision

• Blurry vision

• Missing sections of vision

• Shadows in their line of vision

• Decreased sensitivity to contrast

Some patients may not have all of these symptoms present, though may have the condition. This is why it is important for patients to visit their ophthalmologist regularly for examinations to catch problems such as this at an early point in time.

What types of AMD may form?

There are two varieties of AMD including dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. The most common form is dry, which results from the breakdown of cells in the macula. Wet macular degeneration is more serious, faster to form, and impacts approximately 15% of patients diagnosed with AMD. This can cause permanent blind spots in the centralized vision that cannot be reversed.

How is macular degeneration treated?

In most cases, early detection is key to reduce the impact it has on one’s quality of life and current lifestyle. Treatment may include laser treatments, eye injections, and the use of vision aids.

Are you interested in learning more about vision services for the treatment of macular degeneration?

If you need a proper diagnosis or are interested in learning about treatment options available to you, we welcome you to book a consultation with one of our ophthalmologists at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC. We have four convenient locations throughout Massachusetts, including Wakefield, Waltham, and Winchester.   Welcome new patients to call our office to request an appointment at (781) 245-5200.

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