Understanding macular degeneration

Your vision helps you each and every day to perform tasks that we often take for granted, such as reading, watching television, and driving. So what happens when it becomes impossible to perform these tasks due to vision loss? One of the more common conditions that can occur to aging patients is that of AMD, […]

Four common vision disorders seen at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC

Patients in the area of Massachusetts who are interested in learning more about common vision disorders are encouraged to take the time to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of each. At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC, we work routinely with patients who are dealing with certain conditions that impact their vision and vision […]

Conditions that can impact the retina

The retina is part of the eye that is positioned near the back. This thin layer of tissue is light-sensitive. When light hits the retina through the cornea and lens of the eye, the photoreceptor cells receive impulses sent to the optic nerve and to the brain. The retina is incredibly important for eyesight as […]

Understanding how lifestyle lenses work in the field of vision improvement

Patients with cataracts may be wondering what is available to them for improving their vision and permanently addressing their concerns. At North Suburban Eye Associates, our team of professionals offers a range of premium lifestyle lens IOLs to help! Our practice performs a variety of procedures, and can offer cataract surgery for those who need […]

What treatments are available for patients with glaucoma?

Every year, over 200,000 adults in the United States are diagnosed with glaucoma. While this condition is common, it is important for patients to understand that while treatments can help ease glaucoma symptoms, but it cannot be cured. A medical diagnosis of glaucoma shouldn’t be scary, and the team at North Suburban Eye Associates, P.C. […]

What are lifestyle lenses?

Cataracts are a common sign of aging and can become a serious problem for those who develop them. To treat cataracts, many patients who visit North Suburban Eye Associates, PC are encouraged to consider the benefits of cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is performed to remove the damaged lens in the eye and replace it with […]

How do I know if I have retinal detachment, and what are the risk factors associated with this condition?

There are many conditions that can develop and impact one’s vision health. The same is true for retinal detachment. Patients who are noticing flashes in their vision, an increase in floaters, and a curtain effect of vision loss will need to visit an ophthalmologist as soon as possible for an evaluation to check for retinal […]

Who is a candidate for lifestyle lenses at North Suburban Eye Associates?

Patients at North Suburban Eye Associates, P.C. who are concerned about the aging process and the development of cataracts may have questions for their medical provider about the types of treatments available to them. In many cases, patients who develop severe cataracts will want to speak to their doctor about surgical interventions. Often, patients are […]

Four common vision disorders seen by ophthalmologists

Our eyes provide us the vision we need to see the world around us. However, not everyone has naturally healthy eyes. Ophthalmologists are doctors who are dedicated to helping patients maintain and improve their eye health. When problems arise, such as certain vision disorders, it is essential that patients work with a team of professionals […]

Macular degeneration 101

At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC, we offer patients services with our highly trained and experienced ophthalmologists. Our practice is equipped to ensure patients can obtain quality vision care, including the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions that can impact one’s eyes. A concerning condition that is commonly seen in aging patients is that of […]

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