Who is a candidate for lifestyle lenses at North Suburban Eye Associates?

Patients at North Suburban Eye Associates, P.C. who are concerned about the aging process and the development of cataracts may have questions for their medical provider about the types of treatments available to them. In many cases, patients who develop severe cataracts will want to speak to their doctor about surgical interventions. Often, patients are advised on the benefits of using lifestyle lenses or “premium lenses” to treat their cataracts while improving their vision without the need for glasses. Our providers take the time to educate patients on the advantages of these treatments when it comes to treating certain eye conditions and enhancing vision.

What is a lifestyle lens?

Lens implants that are called “lifestyle lenses” are essentially premium lens implants that are placed during a procedure often used in treating cataracts. Cataracts are common with aging and can impact the patient’s overall vision. When treatment is provided and a lifestyle lens is placed, many patients restore excellent vision while eliminating the need for eyeglasses and contacts. These preAdd Newmium lens are available for patients at North Suburban Eye Associates, P.C.

Who is a candidate for lifestyle lenses?

Determining candidacy for certain procedures starts with a consultation appointment and initial evaluation. Our providers will see patients for a full examination with a trained ophthalmologist. During this time, our doctor will determine if a patient has severe cataracts that warrant surgical intervention, and can discuss with patients the solution that these lifestyle lenses offer. Our team evaluates a patient’s medical history to ensure they can undergo treatment safely and get the results they deserve. Additionally, our team speaks to patients about the preferences they have for their vision in the future. A customized treatment plan is then developed for the patient once candidacy has been decided.

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