What are lifestyle lenses?

Cataracts are a common sign of aging and can become a serious problem for those who develop them. To treat cataracts, many patients who visit North Suburban Eye Associates, PC are encouraged to consider the benefits of cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is performed to remove the damaged lens in the eye and replace it with premium lenses called “lifestyle lenses.” These lens implants provide improved vision and, in many cases, can help patients eliminate the need for prescription contacts and eyeglasses. The ophthalmologists of North Suburban Eye Associates, PC will speak with patients during an evaluation about the advantages of using lifestyle lenses.

What are lifestyle lenses and how do they work?

Lifestyle lenses, which are sometimes referred to as premium lenses or “intraocular lenses,” are created in a way to improve refractive properties of the eye to correct vision impairment. These lenses are commonly made with materials that provide long-term results and biocompatibility, including hydrophobic acrylic, PMMA biomaterials, and silicone. In addition to treating patients who have cataracts, these lifestyle lenses can also be used to address issues such as:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism

What are the benefits of lifestyle lenses?

There are many reasons why a patient may choose to have lifestyle lenses placed when they are addressing cataracts with surgery. Lifestyle lenses:

  • Eliminate the need for prescription corrective lenses, including contacts and eyeglasses
  • Have a high satisfaction rate, with many patients enjoying the positive effect of improving their vision with these lenses
  • Improve vision dramatically
  • Can be used for patients with age-related eye conditions such as presbyopia
  • Are chosen and customized for the patient for precision improvement in vision
  • Can help restore one’s quality of life which may have been impacted by poor vision

Discuss treatment of cataracts with lifestyle lenses

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