Four common vision disorders seen at North Suburban Eye Associates, PC

Patients in the area of Massachusetts who are interested in learning more about common vision disorders are encouraged to take the time to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of each. At North Suburban Eye Associates, PC, we work routinely with patients who are dealing with certain conditions that impact their vision and vision health.

Below are four of the more common vision disorders seen at our practice that can be diagnosed and treated accordingly.


  • Presbyopia – if you have noticed that it’s easier to read a book or tablet by holding it further away, you may be dealing with a condition known as presbyopia. This is a decrease in one’s near vision that is typical in aging and often occurs in patients around the age of 40 and beyond. Other symptoms of presbyopia include eye strain, headaches, squinting to read, and requiring brighter light to read clearly.
  • Myopia – also known as nearsightedness, myopia can make it difficult for individuals to see things clearly that are far away, though their vision within a certain distance up close is clearer. This condition can get progressively worse, but can be addressed with prescription lenses—either contacts or eyeglasses.
  • Hyperopia – on the opposite side of nearsightedness is farsightedness, or hyperopia. This can make it easier for patients to see objects that are further away than to see them if they are up close. This too can be corrected using prescription lenses to make all vision clearer.
  • Astigmatism – when the cornea is not properly curved, it can cause visual distortions due to a diagnosis of astigmatism. This condition is often found in conjunction with other vision disorders including myopia and hyperopia.


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