Have A Lot Of Headaches? Get Your Eyes Checked

Having routine eye exams is important for more reasons than to just make sure your eye prescription is up to date. Only eye doctors are equipped with the knowledge to detect vision problems early. If you find you are suffering from recurring headaches, then there might be something wrong with your vision. While not all headaches are caused by a problem with your vision, they have been known to be a common cause. It is important to have routine eye exams to ensure your eyes are in tip top shape.

The reason eye problems and headaches tend to be associated with one another is because of eyestrain—when the small muscles in your eye are forced to work harder than they should. Aside from the headaches, this causes your eyes to become tired and ache, as well as blur your vision. There are a number of things that can cause these eyestrain related headaches.

Here are a few things that might be the reason you are having recurring headaches:

Hyperopia: More commonly known as farsightedness, hyperopia is when your eye has difficulty focusing on things that are up close. The light that enters your eye does not focus correctly on your retina, and instead it focuses behind it.
Presbyopia: Presbyopia occurs when the lens of your eye begins to lose its elasticity, this has been known to occur in middle and senior aged people. As the lens becomes less flexible it loses its ability to properly focus light and your eyes start to feel sore.
Astigmatism: An astigmatism occurs when the cornea of your eye is unnaturally shaped. In most cases this means the cornea is oblong shaped instead of being circular. If you have an astigmatism, you will find yourself squinting often, which strains your eyes.

Save yourself the discomfort and make sure to schedule regular eye exams with an eye doctor to ensure your vision is being taken care of.

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