Before my cataract surgery two days ago, I was literally almost legally blind but now I can SEE thanks to the genius of Dr.Evans! It is without any reservation whatsoever that I recommend Dr. Evans for cataract surgery. I rarely write reviews but I must write one here so others may be helped by this amazingly gifted surgeon. Since a toddler I had severe nearsightedness requiring the wearing of half-inch thick glasses to see. As a teenager, I switched to wearing gas permeable contact lenses but with the passage of time, my vision continued to worsen. Throughout my adult life the numerous ophthalmologists who attended to my eye care all agreed on one thing: that I had the most severe nearsightedness they had ever seen. At age 55, I developed cataracts. At age 60, the cataracts got so bad that I could no longer safely drive and doing my work as a lawyer became more challenging. I needed cataract surgery and was recommended to surgeons in four states to perform the surgery but none was willing. They all told me that I was too risky of a case. At the urging of one of my colleague, I made an appointment to see a certain specialist at Massachusetts Eye but when I told my primary care physician about the situation she insisted that I cancel that appointment and instead see Dr. Evans. Boy am I glad that I followed my primary care physician’s advise. Dr.Evans and his skilled staff showed me great compassion. After listening attentively and having me submit to a series of exams and tests, they told me that they could help me, that they had helped others with similar eye conditions, and Dr. Evans, while unable to make any guarantees, thought my surgical outcome would be transformative. He was totally right! I am overwhelmingly pleased – and frankly still in a state of shock with the outstanding outcome. Immediately after the cataract surgery on my right eye I was able to see without glasses for the first time in my life. And see great! Seriously, all I could say after the surgery was WOW! WOW! WOW! What they did for me was nothing short of a miracle. I now have a new lease on life thanks to Dr Evans. I am forever grateful to him and his wonderful staff and am so looking forward to him performing cataract surgery on my left eye in the next few weeks.

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